CPR-062 The F’d Up Christmas Special

CPR062 The F'd Up Christmas Special

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanzaa, happy Festivus, happy Pagan Ritual Sacrifice Day! You've waited all year, my little Campers, and yer Uncle Waldo will not disappoint. Here's a collection of madness and rage for all the bad little Campers out there! I've scoured all my sources for the loudest, fastest, angriest punk, psychobilly and garage music to bring you, The 2nd Annual F'd Up Christmas Special. I've got music if yer in the Christmas spirit… I've got music if yer Scroogin' this year… And hell, if you don't care one way or another, I've gotcha covered there too! So chase … [Read more...]

CPR-059 The Campground Pirate Radio Halloween Show

CPR059 Campground Pirate Radio Halloween Show

CPR-059 The Campground Pirate Radio Halloween Show. Happy Halloween weekend, Campers! Welcome to the Campground Pirate Radio Halloween Show. Most people think that Halloween is all about scary things that go bump in the night… not so! It's also about cramming as much candy into your bag before you head home to your sugar coma. Well, that's what we've got tonight… I'm jamming over 30 of the best punk and psychobilly tracks into this one little show. In fact, it's starting to split at the seams…damn, was that Popeye's Dik that just fell out? This week featured music includes tracks from The … [Read more...]

CPR-058 Campground Pirate Radio Podcast

CPR058 Campground Pirate Radio Rockabilly Psychobilly Surf Punk Garage

CPR-058 Campground Pirate Radio for the week ending October 21, 2011. I'm back after a week of the flu that has now converted itself to a nice chest cold. But I couldn't let me campers down for a second week, so we're back in the saddle again (albeit a little wheezy and croupy). You're gonna love the boat load of new music I've found for you this week. We've got Flashlight, Bigwig and the Pietasters all checking in. We'll also have music from some old favs such as They Might Be Giants, Voodoo Glow Skulls and New Found Glory. I've also got a whole bunch of music ya'll have submitted. You'll be … [Read more...]

CPR-057 The CPR Surftacular Surf Show

Campground Pirate Radio Show CPR057

CPR-057 The CPR Surftacular Surf Show for the week ending October 7, 2011. Gather round all ye Campers, ye Skaters, ye Boarders. Tis time for the weird to revolt. I've dug through the depths of my archives and have produced for you 30 of the weirdest surf tracks to ever grace this stage. Now surf music isn't just Beach Boys, Jan and Dean and the Ventures. Nope. There's Hot Rod Surf, Tex-Mex Surf, Arabian Surf, Lounge and Spaghetti Western. There's Garage Surf, Astro Surf, Go-Go Surf, Psychedelic Surf, and Spy. We're featuring some of the best music from Barbacoa, Beware the Dangers of a … [Read more...]

CPR-050 The 50th Anniversary Show


Campground Pirate Radio’s 50th Anniversary Show for the week ending August 6, 2011 It’s been a year, Campers, since we played our first song and over a thousand tunes later, we’re still here! Help CPR celebrate its 50th show and one-year anniversary by partaking in some of the best music we’ve played in the past year. All your favorites are here plus some soon to be favs. You guys have been awesome and I want to personally thank each and every one of you for sticking by us. Here’s to a great begining and, hopefully, to many, many more shows! Song List Reverend Horton Heat Big Sky/Baddest … [Read more...]

CPR-045 Campground Pirate Radio’s Read, White and Blew Psychobilly Special


Happy Independence Day weekend, Campers. I'm proud to give you some red-blooded, American rock n' roll with the Read, White and Blew Psychobilly Special. I dug up some incredible music for this show so roast up a hot dog, pour yourself a tall cold one and dance with your favorite person to some of the best psychobilly out there! … [Read more...]

CPR-043 Campground Pirate Radio – The Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Hot Rod Surf and Punk Rock Podcast

CPR043 Campground Pirate Radio Podcast

It's that time o' the week, Campers and it's time for CPR-043 bringing you more of the best unknown, unsigned or just plain forgotten rockabilly, psychobilly, hot rod surf and punk rock. We've got some brand new music from the band Blindness. Maybe a little more electronic than we're used to but worth listening to. Plus another entry from the Bomb-Throwing Anarchist asking the age-old question, why can't the government just leave us alone? … [Read more...]

Taking a Quick Break

Howdy Campers! Just a quick note to all of ya... I'm going to be doing some website renovations and whatnot over the next bunch of days to both the CPR site, ProPodder and my PotbellyStudios.com site. What that means is, I gotta take a short break from all the podcasting and blogging I've been doing. So, heads up... THERE WON'T BE A SHOW NEXT WEEK. But I'll be back on June 2nd with another rip-roarin' adventure into psychodom. And check back in a little while for the website overhaul I'm doing here. Hopefully it'll make the site a touch easier for ya'll to use. … [Read more...]

CPR-040 The Lucky 13 Halloween Replay

CPR-040 The Lucky 14 Halloween Replay

Campground Pirate Radio for the week ending May 20, 2011. It's the Lucky 13 Rockabilly Halloween Replay! Featuring the best of rockabilly, psychobilly and hot rod surf. This is a special replay of the Lucky 13 Halloween Special. It's near and dear to my heart because this is the turning point that the CRP became what it is today. If you're a new listener, then this is a piece of CPR history that you should check out. And if you're one of the old guard that's been with me since the beginning, then you know how important this show was. … [Read more...]

CPR-039 Campground Pirate Radio

CPR-039 Campground Pirate Radio

CPR-039 Campground Pirate Radio for the week ending May 13, 2011. It's the All-Ska Spectacula! featuring your favorite bands you've never heard of! It's 90-minutes of nothing but second and third wave Ska! Don't forget, we can use your help in our 100 by 100 promotion. We're trying to get 100 5-star reviews on iTunes before the temperature hits 100 degrees in Tucson. Thanks to all the folks that have already left a review but we still got a ways to go… and it's getting hotter by the minute here! … [Read more...]