CPR054 Campground Pirate Radio

Campground Pirate Radio for the week ending September 2, 2011. It's the last week of Summer and it's going out like a mutha. It's been at least 105 in the shade here all week so I put together something to make those dog days of August fly right by. You can dig on bands like Ten Foot Pole, Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space, Osker, The Coffin Draggers, J Church and Muck and the Mires. Our featured artist this week is a band I've never heard of but will be listening to from now on, Starbucket. And, of course, our weekly segment with The Bomb-Throwing Anarchist as he gets all uppity about … [Read more...]

CPR-053 Campground Pirate Radio

CPR053 Campground Pirate Radio

CPR-053 Campground Pirate Radio for the week ending Friday, August 25, 2011. Just one more week until Labor Day, can you handle it? If not, I've got a tasty sampling of goodies for ya featuring the likes of The VEiNS, The Brimstones, Black Grape, Fuel, They Might Be Giants and The Muffs. Plus Part Deux of the Bomb-Throwing Anarchists' Snide and Spurious rant. Plug in, turn on, blast out… you know the drill. … [Read more...]

CPR-052 Campground Pirate Radio

CPR052 Campground Pirate Radio

CPR-052 Campground Pirate Radio for the week ending August 19, 2011. Got another ball-buster of a show for you, Campers. Something a little punk, something a little psycho, something a little garage, and something a little out there. I've got tracks from Muck and the Miers, Southern Culture on the Skids, The Brimstones, Girls Against Boys and the Rockin' Albino himself, Johnny Winter. So kick back, plug in those ear buds and wait for that warm trickle of blood to roll down your neck, cuz it's time to rage. … [Read more...]

CPR-051 Campground Pirate Radio

CPR051 Campground Pirate Radio

CPR-051 Campground Pirate Radio for the week ending August 12, 2011. Your home for rockabilly, psychobilly, hot rod surf, punk and garage rock. It was a hot, August night… and there sure as hell wasn't any Neil Diamond being played. In fact, I've got some barn-burners for ya this week featuring The Dead Kennedys, Gas Huffer, Rancid, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Blasters and The Nekromantix. The Bomb-Throwing Anarchist also chimed in with another tale of woe caused by our men in blue. Yeah, there's still some good cops out there but for some reason the bad ones are making all the noise and giving … [Read more...]

CPR-050 The 50th Anniversary Show


Campground Pirate Radio’s 50th Anniversary Show for the week ending August 6, 2011 It’s been a year, Campers, since we played our first song and over a thousand tunes later, we’re still here! Help CPR celebrate its 50th show and one-year anniversary by partaking in some of the best music we’ve played in the past year. All your favorites are here plus some soon to be favs. You guys have been awesome and I want to personally thank each and every one of you for sticking by us. Here’s to a great begining and, hopefully, to many, many more shows! Song List Reverend Horton Heat Big Sky/Baddest … [Read more...]

CPR-049 Campground Pirate Radio for the week ending July 29, 2011

CPR049 Campground Pirate Radio

This week I've decided to take a bit of a twist on the standard maddening harshness that you usually find on the CPR. I wanted to bring a more educated musical palette to the forefront because you, my faith allies, deserve better than I've brought so far… Aw, hell, who am I kidding? Welcome back Campers to another bone-rattling, teeth-grinding, fist-pumping episode of Campground Pirate Radio. Turn this one up loud cuz the cops WILL be called! … [Read more...]

CPR-048 Campground Pirate Radio for the week ending July 22, 2011

CPR048 Campground Pirate Radio

CPR-048 Campground Pirate Radio for the week ending July 22, 2011. It's just a couple of more shows until our Special 50th Anniversary show! Well, it ain't been 50 years, but it'll be both our one year anniversary and our 50th show! In the meantime, I though it would be a good idea to look back at all we've accomplished this past year and pull together some of my personal favs. So kick back, crack open a cold one and prepared to let your brains dribble out your ears! … [Read more...]

CPR-047 Campground Pirate Radio

CPR047 Campground Pirate Radio

It's hot, it's humid, it's just thigh-slappin' sticky outside… yup, it's July. So let's kick off the weekend with a melodious mixture of Garage, Surf, and Psychobilly and throw a dash of Punk and Rockabilly for good measure. It's CPR-047 for the week ending July 15, 2011. I dug up some of my old favorites for this show. If you're one of our yungin' campers, that scratchy sound you'll hear on some tunes is what we used to call a Record. And if yer an old fart like me, then it'll sound like home. … [Read more...]

CPR-046 Campground Pirate Radio for the week ending July 8, 2011

CPR046 Campground Pirate Radio

CPR-046 Campground Pirate Radio for the week ending July 8, 2011 The monsoons are back in the Desert Southwest bringing with it tons of electricity and roaring thunder. Sounds like the show I've whipped up for you this week! I've got a bunch of featured music that folks sent in. We'll be rocking' These Old Bones and Billy Drados and the Sunmakers. We've got more from Christian D and the Hangovers new album plus we'll introduce you to Rodeo Clown and It'll Grow Back. Don't forget to snap up your free FDA Warning Labels poster! Just click on the Stuff link at the top of the page. So strap it … [Read more...]

CPR-045 Campground Pirate Radio’s Read, White and Blew Psychobilly Special


Happy Independence Day weekend, Campers. I'm proud to give you some red-blooded, American rock n' roll with the Read, White and Blew Psychobilly Special. I dug up some incredible music for this show so roast up a hot dog, pour yourself a tall cold one and dance with your favorite person to some of the best psychobilly out there! … [Read more...]