Submit Your Music

This is your show so we’d love your input, suggestions and your creativity to help make Campground Pirate Radio better.

What We’re Looking For

Original Music
Plug your band! Plug your music! Listen, we’re not going to play everything that’s sent to us but, if it’s any good, we’ll let you know what show it will appear on. Send us your best stuff… don’t just inundate us with everything you’ve got. Oh, and of course, by submitting the music to us you grant CampgroundPirateRadio.com the right to replay your music at our discretion.

Tips for Submitting Your Music
We’re looking for rockabilly, psychobilly, hot rod surf, punk, garage, cow punk, ya’llternative, ska…  but the music’s gotta be good.
MP3, WAV or AIF only, please!

Submit Your Sound Files to (under 25mb please!):

Have a Song or Songs You’d Like to Hear?
Send your requests to campgroundpirateradio@gmail.com
 or look for us on Facebook (click the FACEBOOK link or just do a search for CampgroundPirateRadio.com and click on the DISCUSSIONS tab. If I’ve got ‘em, I’ll play ‘em. If not, I’ll buy them from iTunes and play ‘em.

Weekly Corespondents
Can you provide news with a certain bent to it? Make it funny and informative? And do it on a regular basis? You can use this to also promote your own show or blog. Tips: concentrate on 1 or 2 items per episode and keep it around 2-4 minutes in length. If you can do the entire piece, great! If not, then just the voice over is fine. We can add a jingle and bedding to the piece.

Funny and/or over the top is always welcome. Please keep it under 15 seconds.

Self-promos that either introduce Uncle Waldo or introduce the show are fine. If you’ve got your own blog or podcast, feel free to plug it as well. For example, “This is Joe Blowe with the Joe Blowe Show and you’re listening to Campground Pirate Radio!” (Okay, that was lame. I’m sure you can do a helluva lot better.)