Campground Pirate Radio


So, what started out as an experiment in 1970’s FM re-enactment has taken on a life of it’s own.

Campground Pirate Radio has a single mission in life and that’s to bring you the best unknown, unsigned or just plain forgotten about rockabilly, psychobilly, hot rod surf, ska and punk. Basically, if it annoys the crap outta most of your friends and family, then you’ll find it here in all its raging glory.

We’ll be playing the long tracks with no commercial interruptions. And, it ain’t for the squemish… so if a little reality and cussin’ turns you off… well, you’ve been warned.

First and foremost a note to all you down-trodden bands out there… you’ve got a home here. Give the shows a listen. If you think you can hang then you’re more than welcome to submit your music for consideration. I don’t give a crap about what your inspiration was or the political message you’re trying to send or even to the fact that you may have recorded it in your bedroom while flying on some good herb and pop rocks. If I like it, I’ll play it.

By the way, we’re also looking for pod correspondents. So if you’ve got an idea for a regular feature (keep it under 5 minutes, be funny and informative and submit your segment in either mp3, wav or aif format) then please send it to us.

Oh, and if there’s something you want to hear, drop us a line at campgroundpirateradio@gmail.com

This is your show, be a part of it!

Okay, the legal stuff…

CampgroundPirateRadio.com and the podcast Campground Pirate Radio exist to educate the listener on the genre of 1970’s-style FM radio broadcasting and to promote the bands, musicians and actors the podcast features. It is provided free of commercials and free to the public.

By downloading the podcast, either from this site or from any podcast network (for example, but not limited to iTunes, Zuna or Podcast Alley) you agree that the content of the podcasts is used under the Fair Use doctrine or is a Podsafe recording and you are listening to the podcast for your educational purposes. Any original content created by Campground Pirate Radio is © copyright CampgroundPirateRadio.com. All original music remains the copyright of its original licensee.

By submitting a recorded sound file, you hereby grant CampgroundPirateRadio.com the right to broadcast that material at their discretion. If you are the original copyright holder of the file, you retain copyright to that material.