CPR-064 Campground Pirate Radio


CPR064CPR-064 Campground Pirate Radio for the Easter weekend, 2013.

Yeah, yeah, yeah it’s been more than a year since the last podcast. To be honest, this show was kinduva fluke. I was putting together some music from my iTunes catalog and start with the “A’s.” By the time I finished, I realized I had a show’s worth of stuff! Then I thought, “Hell, this might be a cool idea for future shows!” Just kinda go through it alphabetically.

I realized with over 7100 tunes gathered from the last three years, I shouldn’t have much of a problem doing this. Now, I can’t guarantee this’ll be every week… but it should be a darn bit quicker than a year between shows.

So strap in, crack open a cold one and fire up that blunt you’ve been saving for a special occasion… Cuz Campground Pirate Radio rides again!

Song List

Agnostic Front Riot, Riot, Upstart
Alice In Chains Dam That River
The Ataris Alone in Santa Cruz
Against All Authority In On Your Joke
Armitage Shanks Louie Louie Music
Autopilot Club Hot Tamale
Andre Williams Never Had a Problem
Antiseen Thanks a Lot
Aerosmith Mama Kin
Alwaro Negro Comb
Agent Orange Pipeline
Alex Valenzi Hernando’s Hideaway
Alley Dukes Cherries and Chocolate
Apollo 100 Joy
Amber Pacific Video Killed the Radio Star
The Almost Free Fallin’
Automatic 7 Pretty in Pink
American Hi-Fi Flavor of the Week
Alien Ant Farm Smooth Criminal
Arc Angels Too Many Ways to Fall

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