CPR-063 Did You Miss Us


CPR-063 Campground Pirate RadioOkay, okay – so ya twisted my arm. Yeah it’s been too long since the last show and anything I can say would just be an excuse. But hey, life happens.

Still, I hope this show was worth the wait. I got 28 tracks of toe-tappin’ love to send your way.

There’s a bunch of new tunes from the likes of Texas Hippie Coalition, Judgement Day, and Zeke.

We’ve got the return of some old friends with new tracks such as Bloodsucking Zombies, The Radiacs, Mad Sin, Rezurex and The Perms.

I dug deep into the ancient garage-rock bin and dug up the likes of The Monsters, The Neanderthals and The Sonics. I also found a screaming track from a group called The Scarlets, made back in 1959.

Plus I threw a couple of old favs in as well.

Oh, and the Bomb-Throwing Anarchist is back with his take on the horror in Aurora, Colorado.

So strap in or strap it on, whatever your bent may be. Cuz Campground Pirate Radio rides again!

Song List

Texas Hippie Coalition Texas Tags
Judgement Day Barrage
Zeke Chinatown
The Barbwires La Caja Del Muerto
Los Infernos Lucky Few
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Nightclub ’67
Bloodsucking Zombies Bood on Satan’s Claw
Dillberriezz Maniac Ripper
The Radiacs Do Bad Things
Rezurex Black Rose
Evil Elvis Surfin’ to Hell
The Hellfreaks Boogie Man
Mad Sin Cursed

The Bomb-Throwing Anarchist No Guns Allowed

Wanda Jackson Shakin’ All Over
Joy Zipper 1
The Perms High School High
Mike Ness Don’t Drag Me Down
The Dandy Warhols Grunge Betty
The Gruesomes Serves You Right
The 5-6-7-8’s (I’m Sorry Mama) I’m a Wild One
The Monsters Acid Dreams
The Neanderthals Ghoul-a-Go-Go
The Scarlets Stampede
The Bouncing Souls Kid
Chixdiggit My Restaurant
Good Riddance One of the Braves
Ozric Tentacles Astro Cortex

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  • Welcome back Uncle Waldo! Could we hear some Deadbolt in an upcoming podcast?

  • Jay Walsh

    That’s possible… that’s possible.

  • Yeah!

  • Happy to see this! gimme moar old-skul psuchobilly! MOAR!!

  • oo

  • realmarkfahey

    This show maybe two years old – but it fuc#en rocks.

  • UncleWaldoCPR

    Well, thank ya kindly, camper.