CPR-061 Campground Pirate Radio


CPR-061 Campground Pirate Radio for the week ending December 2, 2011.

CPR-061 Campground Pirate RadioI’m healthier and ready to rage! No more of these electronic gizmos to substitute for a show… you’re gonna get me in all my pent up and hostile glory. And I’ve got a show for you this week that takes not quarter.

I’ll be featuring the music of The Mission Creeps, The Scarlets, Vicky and the Vengents and The Perms… but I’m also scouring these burnt out, arid landscapes for some of the most gut-wrenching, head-twisting, toe-tappin’ tunes that I could lay my hands on. Oh, and dear Campers, I found some doozies for ya’ll.

So if you’re down for some hardcore psychobilly, rockabilly, surf and garage… then let the weirdness commence! Waldo has spoken!

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Song List

Brides of Destruction Shut the Fuck Up
Bastard Child Death Cult Radio Silence
The Brains Screaming
The Grims Ride to Solitude
The Creepshow Zombies Ate Her Brain
The Monsters Acid Dreams
Steve Ballmer Developers
The Mutants White Trash Trouble Man

Featured Bands

The Mission Creeps Nano Machines with Intent to Kill
The Scarlets Bombshell
Vicky and the Vengents Alone
The Perms Over and Over

Mad Sin She’s Evil
Kitty In A Casket Bride of the Monster
Coffin Nails The Dead Don’t Get Older
Skarekrows Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Tom Stormy Trio featuring Rhythm Sophie Bombariado
Lucy Boogie y sus Aceitosos
Bad Luck Bandits Bring My Baby Back
Tight Fitting Pants Sexy Family

Bomb-Throwing Anarchist A Bitter Pill to Swallow

The Zanies The Mad Scientist
The Surfmen Ghost Hop
The Leopards Down That Line
The Vice Barons Fuzzy n’ Wild
The Queers End It All
Reckless Ones Dead & Gone
The Hellfreaks Boogie Man
Rezurex Dia de los Muertos
Nekromantix Who Killed the Cheerleader
Stellar Corpses Love Like This

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