CPR-059 The Campground Pirate Radio Halloween Show


CPR059 Campground Pirate Radio Halloween ShowCPR-059 The Campground Pirate Radio Halloween Show.

Happy Halloween weekend, Campers! Welcome to the Campground Pirate Radio Halloween Show. Most people think that Halloween is all about scary things that go bump in the night… not so! It’s also about cramming as much candy into your bag before you head home to your sugar coma.

Well, that’s what we’ve got tonight… I’m jamming over 30 of the best punk and psychobilly tracks into this one little show. In fact, it’s starting to split at the seams…damn, was that Popeye’s Dik that just fell out?

This week featured music includes tracks from The Mission Creeps, The Perms, Red Hill Ramblers, Ruthless Ones and Vicky and the Vengents. We’ve also got another visit from the Bomb-Throwing Anarchist as he finishes his rant on some of the loopier Wall Street Occupiers.

Nothing scary here, Campers. Unless dancing until your head explodes kinda gives you the creeps!

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Song List

Back Side 7 Minutes
88 Fingers Louie I Don’t Wanna Hear It
The Rocketz Loser
The Bouncing Souls Say Anything
Rancid Poison
All Problematic
Dwarves Kids Today
Sweet Diesel Go Nowhere
Crash Justice We’re Here
Winelord Mighty Puma
Drunk on Tuesday Message In A Bottle
Bad Religion Markovian Process

Featured Bands

The Mission Creeps Monster
The Perms Skin and Bones
Red Hill Ramblers Pink Slips
Ruthless Ones Natty Treble
Vicky and the Vengents That’s Why I Cry

Guns and Weed Promo

Dieselboy Sleep Soliloquy
Muskrats Bottle of Brew
Slightly Stoopid Wake Up Late
Mo-Tards Cash America
Teen Idols When I Hear Your Name
Slick Shoes My So Called Real World

Bomb-Throwing Anarchist Get Bent

Sum 41 Moron
Mad Caddies No Hope (Live)
Thee Imposibles Impossibles R Go
Krhissy Feel Better Today
Popeye’s Dik Smokin’ Marijuana
H2O Friend
Pulley Simpley-Fy
The Lawrence Arms Necrotism: Decanting The Insalubrious (Cyborg Midnight) Part 7
Allister Miz
The Satans Go Down
MxPx No Action
The Sons of Hercules Angry Girl Use
Phish Chalk Dust Torture

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  • loved the bomb throwing anarchist segment.

  • Yup, we luv him too… albeit we keep him in his cage most of the day wearing that silly lampshade dog collar thingy (he tends to chew on things) but we let him out once a week to spew his brand of anarchy. :)