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CPR058 Campground Pirate Radio Rockabilly Psychobilly Surf Punk GarageCPR-058 Campground Pirate Radio for the week ending October 21, 2011. I’m back after a week of the flu that has now converted itself to a nice chest cold. But I couldn’t let me campers down for a second week, so we’re back in the saddle again (albeit a little wheezy and croupy).

You’re gonna love the boat load of new music I’ve found for you this week. We’ve got Flashlight, Bigwig and the Pietasters all checking in. We’ll also have music from some old favs such as They Might Be Giants, Voodoo Glow Skulls and New Found Glory. I’ve also got a whole bunch of music ya’ll have submitted. You’ll be hearing from Ruthless Ones, Red Hill Ramblers, The Perms, Vicky and the Vengents and The Mission Creeps. We’ve also got another visit from the Bomb-Throwing Anarchist as he goes off on the Occupy Wall Street crowd.

So, sit down, pull up a vaporizer and I promise not to hack all over you… too much.

Song List

Useless ID State of Fear
Bigwig Counting Down
Hormonés Fun, Fun, Fun
Sixteen Deluxe Daisy Haze
The Humpers Steel-Toed Sneakers
Pennywise God Save the USA

Featured Music
Ruthless Ones Emmortal
Red Hill Ramblers Jaded
Vicky and the Vengents The One You’ll Never Know
The Perms Make It Through
The Mission Creeps These Horror Twins

Voodoo Glow Skulls Say Goodnight
Swingin’ Utters Politician
Flashlight Blindsided

The Bomb-Throwing Anarchist OWC Down Wit OPP

They Might Be Giants Dead
The Excellos Scratch and Sniff
Thee Minx Up All Night
New Found Glory No News is Good News
The Pietasters Nothing Good to Eat
Pulley The Ocean Song
The Monkees Pleasant Valley Sunday

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