CPR-053 Campground Pirate Radio


CPR053 Campground Pirate RadioCPR-053 Campground Pirate Radio for the week ending Friday, August 25, 2011. Just one more week until Labor Day, can you handle it? If not, I’ve got a tasty sampling of goodies for ya featuring the likes of The VEiNS, The Brimstones, Black Grape, Fuel, They Might Be Giants and The Muffs. Plus Part Deux of the Bomb-Throwing Anarchists’ Snide and Spurious rant.

Plug in, turn on, blast out… you know the drill.

Song List

The VEiNS Fallout Shelter
Dancehall Crashers Nuisance
22 Jacks Message In A Bottle
The Brimstones FM Receiver
The Graveyard Boulevard That’s My Mom
Bazooka Jones Lydia Chlamydia
Black Grape Tramazi Party
The Misteriosos She Said
Fuel Hemorrhage (In My Hands)
Mondo Topless Can’t Dig It
Hospital Food Black Out
Ann Beretta Love’s Easy Tears

The Bomb-Throwing Anarchist Still Snide, Still Spurious

They Might Be Giants Whistling In the Dark
The Riviera Playboys She Don’t Got That Right
Anti-Flag Tearing Everything Down
The Muffs Not Like Me

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  • Nice mix!  I am spreading the word to my demented friends about CPR.  I think it’s awesome you are doing what you love.  E.

  • E…
    Appreciate the kind words. Glad Renate told you about the show… I thought you’d like it!