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Campground Pirate Radio CPR-042CPR-042 Campground Pirate Radio. The rockabilly, psychobilly, hot rod surf and punk podcast for the week ending June 10, 2011.

We’re back in the saddle again…! Howdy Campers! Welcome back the podcast that answers the question, “What is the meaning of life?”

If any of ya’ll have been a follower of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, (an Amazon Affiliates link) then you’ll understand that this show, CPR-042, is the answer to that question.

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Enjoy the show!

Show Notes

Hawaiian Samurai Surf n’ Destroy
Alwaro Negro Comb
Red Elvises One Way Ticket to Japan
Reverend Horton Heat Loco Gringos Like A Party
The Rock-It Dogs All Gone Bad
13 Cats 13 Cats

Featured Music
Christian D and the Hangovers Hillbilly Heroin
Chimp Change Harm
Wavves King of the Beach

The Astro Zombies Bertha Lou
Legendary Shack Shakers Cussin’ In Tongues
Man or Astroman? Journey to the Stars

The Bomb-Throwing Anarchist Shhh! We’we Hunting Wabbit Bweedews

The Penetrators 50 Buckets a Midget
Estrume’n’tal Bolero
Hillbilly Frankenstein Hypnoticz Part 2
Dropkick Murphys I’m Shipping Up to Boston
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Girl from Acapulco
Pulley Gone
The Coffin Draggers Stella Vista
Ray Corvair Trio Carl Needs a Pill

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