CPR-035 Campground Pirate Radio Podcast


CPR-035 Campground Pirate Radio PodcastCPR-035 Campground Pirate Radio podcast for the week ending April 15, 2011. Bringing you the best from unsigned, unknown and forgotten rockabilly, psychobilly, hot rod surf, punk and indie music.


Happy Tax Day campers! Well, more like Tax Eve since your taxes aren’t officially due until Monday the 18th. Seems like the government has decided that it needs a day off for Emancipation Day… which technically is Saturday, but what the hell, let’s all celebrate it today!

We, that is me, at the CPR have set a new goal… 100 iTunes reviews before it hits 100 degrees here in Tucson. What I need ya’ll to do is run over to iTunes, do a search for Campground Pirate Radio, click the 5 star rating (if ya like the show) and maybe leave a few words. At the very least, click that 5 star rating!

Hey, while you’re in there, do a search for my buddies over at Your Uncle’s Lap and give them a 5 star.

What? You never heard of Your Uncle’s Lap – Then download it and fall in love with these three idiots. You’ll never feel more ashamed for laughing in all your life!

We’re dropping another new act today. The band is called Liquid Me and the song is She Said. Great track. I think you’ll enjoy it. Look for the link back to their ReverbNation page so you can buy a copy for yourself.

Show Notes

30 Foot Fall Subhumanitarian HomeWrecked Blues

Bad Luck Charms When the Night Falls

Christian D and the Hangovers Life Gets In the Way

The Bloddy Muffs Drunk Tank

Action League Son of a Gun

Big Boy Bloater & His Southside Stompers Whammy!

Liquid Me She Said

Blue Sausage Infant Ashtray Man

Chiwawa Cue Me

The Adjustments Alice

The Ziggens Something About a Waitress

Jamoon Ska Pirate

Bomb-Throwing Anarchist Closed for Bid’ness

Alwaro Negro Ultra Caravan

Don Knotts Overdrive Asteroyd Lloyd

Knuckel Drager When the Chevy Breaks

Marshall Scott Warner Barnyard Bop

Demented Are Go Cripple in the Woods

The Highliners Surfer Jones

Long Tall Texans Get Back Wetback

The Highliners Henry the Wasp

The Scourge of River City Fall From Grace

The Rock-It Dogs Take a Fall

Man or Astroman? Alpha Surfa

The Dynotones Dynotone Stomp

Valentine Villians Just Another Drink

Reverend Horton Heat Lonesome Train Whistle

Bombshell Rocks 1.80 Down

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