CPR-029 Campground Pirate Radio Podcast


CPR-029 Campground Pirate Radio PodcastCPR-029 Campground Pirate Radio podcast for the week ending March 4, 2011. Spring has almost sprung and our little cowgirl is bustin’ out and dumpin’ her winter wardrobe. Just like we’re bustin’ out the tunes for you once more.

We’re gonna try something a little different this week, meaning, I’m just gonna shut up and let the music do the talking. Don’t worry, BTA is still here but except for a little sumthin’ up front and at the end… it’s all the best rockabilly, psychobilly, punk and indie I could lay my hands on.

Show Notes:

Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit
The Monkees Randy Scouse Git
John Lennon Instant Karma
Tengold Like a Retard
Hi-Voltage Movin’ On
Alex Valenzi Hernando’s Hideaway
Ray Collins’ Hot Club Hi-Fi Phono
Fluf Chocolate
The Measles Hold On, Hold On Baby
Pulley Runaway
Against All Authority In On Your Joke
The Bouncing Souls True Believers
88 Fingers Louie 100 Proof
Mustard Plug Already Gone

The Bomb-Throwing Anarchist A Lesson Not Learned

Volbeat The Human Instrument
Straighten Things Out Idiot Box
Larry Wallis I’m A Police Car

Delta’s Ebonics Commercial

Moby Bodyrock
The Go-Betweens Draining the Pool for You
No Trigger Bust Tropical
The Jam To Be Someone (Didn’t We Have A Nice Time)
The Red Elvises Twist Like Uma Thurman
Seizures TNT
Joe and the Chickenheads Pest Control
Aquasonics Deadwood Beach
Elton John Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters
The Smithereens Only A Memory

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  • Anonymous

    enjoyed the show until the libritard rant in the middle. Ooo the evil unions are going to destroy us. What a load of crap. We are broke due to the massive funneling of wealth to the richest individuals and companies. Money they do not spend but use to create non-productive investment devices to increase their tax free wealth.

    Its wall street that is breaking us not public or private unions. And the auto industry died due to bad management decisions and forgetting their core product. Tell the sudo anarchist to take his Ayn Rand and shove it.