I Won’t Be Home For Christmas

Normally, I don’t make blog posts here (mainly because this is a podcast) but I felt that this needs to be done.

wreathAs many of you air travelers have experienced, getting in an out of an airport these days has become an ordeal. It’s bad enough with the long lines, baggage checks, and crying babies but in the last few years we’ve been witness to a group of thugs that have invaded our airports: The TSA.

Armed with their Porno Scanners, bomb-sniffing dogs and group gropes, the TSA have violated more civil liberties than any other group that comes to mind since the 911 tragedy. Under the auspices of “keeping America safe from terrorists” the TSA has steadily proven itself to be the true terrorist threat to this nation.

So what is I Won’t Be Home For Christmas?

It’s a simple act that you, an American, can do to send the message, loud and clear to the government, that we will no longer tolerate this vile foolishness. This is a peaceful protest that can crush a tyrannical bureaucracy.

During the second half of December, from midnight December 15, 2010 to the countdown on New Year’s Eve, don’t fly anywhere. Drive, take a bus or a train, do anything but fly to your destination. Or better yet, just stay home if you can.

Why December?

Because the holiday season is the biggest traffic season for the airlines.

Doesn’t this just hurt the airlines?

Yes it does.

As a single person, your voice is unheard. As a massive throng, your dollars are heard loud and clear.

The airlines are a business, plain and simple. If they find a way to cut a service that adds to their bottom line and doesn’t cause an outburst from their customers, they’ll do it. But if their customers are screaming loudly and clearly about something, they will make adjustments. We will be using the airlines and their lobbyists in Washington to transfer our message to the government: Reign in the TSA.

  • No more porno scanners.
  • No more illegal searches.
  • No more groping assaults (or “pat downs” as they like to call them).
  • Or, just abolish the TSA all together.

Spread this message to everyone you can find.

  • Tweet this post.
  • Repost this on your Facebook page.
  • Blog about it.
  • Digg it.
  • Stumble it.
  • Send it to your local news outlet.
  • Email it to your friends and family explaining why you won’t be home for Christmas.

If you’ve already made your flight plans, you still have time to cancel them, demand a refund and make other arrangements.

I’m posting this on November 15, 2010. We have one month to get the word out to everyone we know. We can do this!

It’s time to take back our country. Learn that your voice counts. You are not sheep, you are human beings and demand to be treated accordingly.


This is nothing more than a peaceful protest and exercise in free speech. Please don’t just take my word for this. Educate yourself on what’s going on. Each headline below is a link. Click them for further information.

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PrisonPlanet.com: Flight Attendants Speak Out as TSA Revolt Explodes
Information Clearing House: TSA Screen Accosts 3 Year Old Child at Security Checkpoint
Note: there are reports, just prior to the above posting, that the TSA is going to announce no more searches of children under the age of 12.
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BoingBoing.net: Man at San Diego airport opts out of porno scanner and grope, told he’ll be fined $10k unless he submits to fondling.